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So, you’re looking at buying a scooter.  The perfect choice for a run about if saving money on fuel, servicing and parking are on top of your shopping list.


With their baby 50cc motor, these little guys will run on the smell of an oily rag, and still scoot along at 60km/hour.


They tick some other pretty important boxes too.  These are the only powered means of transport that is road legal with a 16 year old in control.  Mum and Dad, at last you can hang up your chauffeur’s hat, as your teenager can get themselves to school, get to sports practice and visit their mates without relying on you to be the taxi.  For the 16 year old, it means freedom, their ticket to independence.


A 50cc scooter can be ridden on a scooter licence or an ordinary car licence, so the fun and convenience of a scooter is not limited to teenagers.  Low petrol costs and cheap parking (free for bikes and scooters in some car parks in the city) make it the perfect ride to work.  They are really easy to manoeuvre and park in the inner city traffic, so much cheaper and quicker than commuting in a car.


Day to day care is a breeze.  Fuel up, keep the 2 stroke oil reservoir topped up, then check the tyre pressures, and you’re ready to roll.  Maintenance is low cost, and so easy that even if you have no previous mechanical experience, we will be able to show you how to do the basics between services to make sure you scooter is running at its best.  To ensure the reliability of your scooter, have it serviced by us or another dealership, to ensure all components are in excellent working order.


Fully automatic, they are really easy to manoeuvre in traffic and park.  Motorcycle bays are usually located right near the entrances of shopping centres.


There is storage under the seat, and if that is not enough, a top box can be fitted.  We sell and fit Givi top boxes.  These are lockable, and available with the 26L model being the most popular .  Some of our models, like the Monza, even have a flat floor with a bag hook to maximize carrying capacity.


Check out our range.  We sell all our scooters with 6 months registration.  We can arrange riding lessons with a qualified instructor, and we carry a range of helmets, both open face and full face, as well as gloves, jackets and other accessories.


Scooters have come a long way… they now have real suspension, disc brakes and wider tyres making them safer and more enjoyable to ride. Scooters are now a reliable and cheap form of transport.  They are the perfect inner city commuter, and running costs won’t hijack the weekly budget.  Most importantly, they are fun.


Most of our scooters are 2 stroke.  They are generally quicker off the mark than a four stroke because the engine fires on every stroke.  So, hop on a scooter.  Get a good whiff of 2 stroke excitement and ride on.