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Michelin Pilot Road 4


The Pilot Road 4 is Michelin’s premium sports touring tyre.


Michelin have produced a tyre that


Stops Faster Improved X-sipe technology has the Road 4 stopping faster in the wet than any other tyre in its category
Lasts Longer a whopping 20% increased longevity over the Pilot Road 3 with the improved dual tyre compounds
Gives better grip on a wide range of surfaces All new silica charged rubber compounds give you the confidence of excellent grip on a wide range of road surfaces.
Has better Handling The new aggressive tread pattern is optimised to provide better performance in wet and dry conditions at higher lean angles.

Michelin have also produced the Road 4 in two alternatives


The Pilot Road 4 GT – a stiffer tyre with a heavier carcass to meet the requirements of the bigger Grand Touring bikes with panniers or riding two-up and..


The Pilot Road 4 Trail for on road dual Sport Adventure Bikes.


There is definitely a tyre out there for you, and available at Steve’s Motorcycles, fitted while you enjoy a coffee on us.